Syntropy Artists

Our mission is to support artists and musicians who are passionate about playing their part in helping to heal our stressed and unhappy society.

Check out all of the amazing artists and musicians who have contributed to Syntropy below.

Catarina Rodrigues & Claire Bond

Catarina Rodrigues is a UK-based digital designer and creative coder with a great interest in generative visuals and mixed realities. With a background in filmmaking, she's currently developing her practice across digital media and interactive installations. In her work she explores new ways of interconnecting nature and computation. 

Claire Bond is a UK-based composer and songwriter, creating music for education, well-being and simply for the love of music. Claire specialises in writing children’s songs and is the creator of the YouTube channel ‘Singalong School Songs’ which showcases original songs aimed at children between the ages of 5-11 years old.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
Amanda Tovalin &
Allison Tanenhaus

Amanda Tovalin is a composer from Mexico City who creates sound-universes designed with the use of her voice and violin. Amanda’s work explores the idea of relaxation through repetition and uses free improvisation, combined with live looping, to express herself through musical meditations.

Allison Tanenhaus specializes in bold geometrics, kaleidoscopic color fields, trippy op art, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Made with equal parts deliberation and experimentation (via smartphone apps), the results are rainbow-hued compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
Irem Apak & Paul Alty

Irem is a visual artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work ranges from digital art and sculpture, to art direction and styling. Irem likes to manifest dreamscapes and whimsical daydreams within which viewers can lose and calm themselves.

Paul Alty is a lighting designer and a musician. He has combined his two passions into a new singular multimedia artistic studio which enables him to create venue-filling immersive experiences utilising light, lasers, and audio soundscapes. Paul’s audio and multimedia work focuses on space and the natural world with a good sprinkling of surrealism. 

Syntropy States Distant Symphony

Balamurali Kumarasamy is a multi-talented architect, healer, wellness trainer. He is also a professional artist for Almighty Comics, creating illustrations which often focus on elements of Tamil culture and notable figures within Hinduism. Belamurali works in an abstract style which incorporates a wealth of vivid colours. He is passionate about spreading knowledge and awareness of mental and physical wellbeing through art and music.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
Vannie Gama & Luca D'Alessando

Vannie Gama is a young Brazilian multimedia interdisciplinary artist and the founder of VYSLab – a studio for STEAM and social technology for contemporary art in Brazil. Vannie draws upon the diverse fields of audio-visuals, contemporary art philosophies, and scientific communications and translates these concepts into expanded paintings, kinetic artworks, sound-image installations, and textual works.

Luca D'Alessandro first discovered the cello through Projeto Guri, a societal and cultural programme in Brazil. Since then, Luca has participated in both the MOVE project and Ethno Festival. Beyond her own musical work, Luca owns Lissimu Dza Mbira, a Luthiery which aims to spread the use of, and love for, the Mbira. 

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
Gayatri R. Jagtap & Pedro Carneiro Silva

Gayatri is an architect, artist and photographer. Her artwork revolves around abstraction and new media - a beautiful, balanced amalgamation of abstract art and science fiction that allows the audience to tap into their curiosity and believe in the existence of the imaginary. Close inspection of Gayatri’s works reveals her enthusiasm for utilising lines, forms and geometric drama.

Pedro Carneiro Silva is a pianist and composer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His music enraptures listeners with gentle and soothing melodies. Pedro’s creative musical process stands out as an approach that explores the interaction between experiences, feelings, and music – a talent which has lent itself to collaborations with a number of visual artists over the years. 

Syntropy States Distant Symphony

Peter Simpson is a multimedia artist from Edinburgh, Scotland with a passion for light, colour and movement. His artistic creations span the mediums of static images, performance art, and digital art animations. Peter seeks to energise and enliven viewers with the beautiful colours of the world, often using a mix of vivid colouring and gentle movements to produce entrancing visuals. He also hopes the humour brought forward in the performative elements of his work can help bring a smile to viewer’s faces and gift them something new, exciting, and engaging to enjoy.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony

Kira Zhigalina, a.k.a KiRa, is an award-winning multimedia artist based in London. Having initially worked primarily in film and video, she developed an interest in incorporating light and technology to create more interactive experiences. Her artistic intention lies in creating immersive and visually compelling experiences for the audience, encouraging serene contemplation and feelings of connection. KiRa’s past commissions include creating installations and projections for the likes of Secret Cinema, The Leaf Label, London Contemporary Orchestra, London Zoo, Leeds LightNight, Latitude Festival and many others.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
The Distant Symphony

The Distant Symphony is the work of artist, musician, and producer John Orr Franklin. The goal of The Distant Symphony project is to create a starting point for the audience to observe, listen, and be able to leave behind the world of matter, instead entering into a world of divine unity. The Distant Symphony crafts original digital artworks that combine animated visuals with calming, melodic soundtracks. The result is a mesmerising audio-visual journey into glowing visuals, geometries, and refracting patterns that subvert the reality we know and transform it into the sublime and surreal.

John is based in Austin, Texas with his partner Andrea and their cat Grace. 

Syntropy States Distant Symphony

Alan Gogoll

Australian acoustic guitarist Alan Gogoll was born and raised on the stunning island of Tasmania, the perfect inspiration for his beautiful instrumental compositions. But Alan doesn’t just write and play gorgeous music, he also creates amazing “Stringscape” videos by filming through his guitar’s soundhole to reveal the incredible vibrations of his strings as he plays in front of peaceful Tasmanian landscapes, seascapes and skies. He also creates “Discostring” videos by using funky neon strings - perfect for the Syntropy Dark Mode!

Syntropy States Alan Googall
Allie Joy & Mark Soden

Syntropy States are Allie Joy and Mark Soden.

Allie Joy is a digital artist who has exhibited her art internationally. She is an artist in residence at Birmingham Open Media and Pervasive Studio at Watershed, Bristol.

Mark Soden is the Managing Partner of Mirror Noir Records and releases music globally under the band names Cydonia Collective and Serenity States.

Allie and Mark co-created the Syntropy app video artworks featured within the Breathe ‘Geometries’ and ‘Alchemy’ galleries and the Relax ‘Energy Centre’ and ‘Abstraction’ galleries.

Syntropy States Allie Joy Mark Soden