Artist Of The Week

Each week we release a brand-new video in the app. 

Exclusive collaboration. Syntropy has paired together artists and musicians from all over the world to create amazing video artworks. Check out this week’s bios below.


VADES is a London based audio artist who desires that her sonic creations transcend states of consciousness when heard. Believing that Voice is our most powerful instrument, VADES features her vocals heavily within her music to help guide listeners on their ascent towards a relaxed and meditative state.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony
Cat Hamilton

Cat Hamilton is a synesthetic photo artist whose work is grounded in her meditation and spirituality practices. She captures the world the way she sees it, synthesising a visual interpretation of music and people's personalities; and in the blending of senses, creating a new perspective, one in which the world takes on a different quality.

Syntropy States Distant Symphony