Vannie Gama & Luca D'Alessandro

Vannie Gama is a multimedia interdisciplinary artist born in Brazil, 1997. They are the founder of VYSLab - atelier and studio for STEAM and social technology for contemporary art in Brazil. Sound-image, contemporary art philosophy and scientific communication are fields that blend into artistic works and theoretical works from Vannie.

Luca D'Alessandro discovered the cello through Projeto Guri. She recognized that music is a universal entity present in individual spheres. Participated in the MOVE project and Ethno Festival. Beyond her musical work, she owned Lissimu Dza Mbira, a lutherie who aims to spread the Mbira.

Together they co-produced the artwork Inspirar.

Syntropy States Alan Googall
Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson is a multimedia artist from Edinburgh, Scotland with a passion for light, colour and movement. He wants his artwork to give a burst of energy, to enliven the viewer with the beautiful colours of the world.

He Produced the artwork Breathe by himself.

Syntropy States Alan Googall
Alan Gogoll

Australian acoustic guitarist, Alan Gogoll was born and raised amongst the beauty of Tasmania, the perfect backdrop for the scenic sound scape he creates through his masterful instrumental compositions. With an impressive number of studio and live albums under his belt, including ‘Mulberry Mouse,’ ‘Bell’s Harmonic’ and ‘Through the Leaves,’ it’s no wonder Alan Gogoll’s music has reached millions of international followers across social media.

His passion for the guitar began as a child, developing his craft through the years, experimenting with his beloved Åstrand guitar to create his signature bell harmonics. His skills as a guitarist have not gone unnoticed, with his Stringscape series on YouTube shining a light on his innovative design. Building a custom guitar and camera rig to capture the string vibrations of his music from inside the guitar while looking out on peaceful landscapes, his videos have embraced millions of viewers.

Syntropy States Alan Googall
Allie Joy & Mark Soden

Allie Joy is a Digital artist who has exhibited her art internationally. She is an artist in resident at Birmingham Open Media and Pervasive Studio at Watershed, Bristol.

Mark Soden is the Managing Partner of Mirror Noir Records and releases music globally under the band names Cydonia Collective and Serenity States.

Together they co-produce the original relaxation and breath videos for The Syntropy Partnership.

Cydonia Collective Syntropy States